App Driven to Success

Ride Test Training presents a new tool to improve driving skills and prepare for your region’s knowledge and road tests.

Drive To Confidence

There’s only one way to become a confident, safe driver, and that’s through practice. Log as many hours as possible behind the wheel to give yourself the greatest chance of success on your driving test or improve your ride. 

Ride Test Training is a mobile app that connects car owners and new drivers who are seeking a vehicle to practice their driving skills, prepare for or take driving exams. The cost-saving platform is an excellent alternative to driving schools, offering multiple features for learning road rules as well as practicing your driving skills.

Theory Database

One of the fundamental components of our app is access to official regulations and best practices on the road.

Forecast Notification

It allows you to get an update on weather conditions and best routes so you can prepare better for your ride.

Driver Matching

Find an instructor and get that driving experience and confidence behind the wheel you always wanted.

Get Your Ride Analytics!

Get an online driving report based on your driving skills and learn from your own mistakes. The analysis will include a speeding record, traffic rule scores, vehicle handling scores and a complete breakdown of your driving habits.